• Shy Davis

I Love You As I Love Me

Having you in my arms I hope you feel peace and serenity.

I hope you feel the love I'm giving you which is sometimes more than what I give to myself.

Relax your mind, unwind.

Listen to my heart beat as it's telling a story,

Of a woman who loves without any ramifications or glory.

I love you as I love me, what's so hard in that to see?

I thought it was plain as day that I should treat you as I would me.

So darling, I love you.

I'm the keeper of your needs.

Never will I wish you ill because I know that will just come back to me.

Never will you feel bitterness or experience any trifling ways

Because that's not in my DNA.

So lay here in my arms my sweet and know that my love is forever yours to receive.

*Inspired by the wish that we should simply love each other.

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