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And That's A Wrap! Hi 2018

Shy Davis

My 2017 started off with drama. If you know me well, then you know Shy does not do drama. So those folks were quickly eliminated from my life. From the drama, plus some other personal things, came heartache. From that heartache a talent was born: poetry.

I witnessed my best friend Ryan fall in love and marry. Ahh yes, love was in the air for 2017.

Then a bun started baking in her oven! I was asked to be godmommy! YASSSS! Nah I didn't squeal at the top of my lungs.

I was attending my favorite exotic dance class when I took a tumble. I fractured and sprained my ankle! *squint eyes @ self* I knew I should've worn my regular 6in stripper boots instead of the heels pictured below! Anyway, the tumble was AWESOME! A total blessing! It was a lesson in slowing DOWN! I was doing too much- my schedule was BANANAS! I was out of commission for 6 weeks. I didn't stay at home and pout though. I massaged it, used essential oils and Reiki it. I healed myself. So I've slowed down. I don't over book myself anymore. Now I meditate, seek and try to maintain balance, enjoy nature even more and have more 'go to Jesus first moments.'

I completed the second season of my podcast with a bang. Or shall I say with a flog? Lol. It was such a GREAT season and season finale. THANK YOU to ALL fifteen guests!

The last five guests of Season 2

I vibrated higher. I got rid of F Boys that were in my inboxes wasting my time. However, I had to take responsibility because I was responding to their messages. I used to receive at least fifty messages from F Boys daily. It was tiring. It was draining receiving the: “Hey Beautiful,” “Wyd” “We should do something one day.” messages. Shout out to my friend and 'big bro' KSA. He truly was my strength during this time. He helped me realize I was part of the problem. So I found a solution; I threw the whole account away. Lol.

I created a new Facebook page. Now I only add people who will be a positive asset to my timeline. As well as I stay away from certain Facebook groups. As soon as I'm added to a group I have no interest in I immediately remove myself. I continued loving myself. Got rid of more people that weren't a positive influence in my life. Did the same with social media. If the posts weren't feeding my mind in a positive way, I unfollowed/unfriend. Simple. I went to Hedonism in Jamaica. It was a bucket place trip and I crossed it off. It was like going to a sex club but on a larger scale. It was absolutely amazing seeing folks be so FREE! Loved it! Read all about my experience and view the pics here.

“Then, like a calm and gentle breeze he came to me./ Saying hi to me, respectfully./ Loving me, unconditionally./ Drove a thousand miles to come to me./ Wanting to take care of me forever you see?/” Excerpt from the poem “Vibrate Higher” featured in my upcoming book “Wild Thoughts.”

Yeah I done went and fell in love and shit y'all. I put in the work on myself and manifested a man that compliments and complements me.

I feed him... no I don't just mean throwing down in the kitchen. I nurture him mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He tells me all the time that I "make him feel like a man again" and I tell him that he's my gift. I truly feel that he's my reward for healing and working on myself. To follow our story be sure to follow our Instagram page here.

Lost my father. Although he spiritually visits from time to time. But, from the aforementioned love I gained another dad. Another family. I love them and I just love the warm cuddle feelings I get from them. Although mama is always trying to pull my dress down when she sees me, the warmth and acceptance into the family is felt. Could it have something to do with how they see I treat and love Rod? Hmmmm😍.

Failed a major exam TWICE! First time failing something that big so it was a huge hit to my ego. Failed by 2 points the first time then by 1 point the 2nd time. I should've followed my instincts and not take it the 2nd time. I now understand why I failed. It just wasn't in alignment. THANK YOU JESUS! You stay looking out for your girl! Then I took the exam I really wanted to take to begin with. It was much harder and I passed on my first try. #Alignment

Met new friends far and near. Connected with a LOT of folks from social media. Shout out to Mieko and Lena from Sweden! Lena is my nature buddy. Oh and shout out to the #BeYOUtifulU warriors. Cuchira did a December self reflection challenge and through that challenge I connected with more beautiful souls! #Grateful

My timeline is LIT! I open my Instagram and it’s filled with even more positivity and yogis. Love it! Completed my book “Wild Thoughts.” It has been edited and I did the photo shoot for it. Have some minor things to do and then it'll be ready for publication this year. Very thankful to Kamla Millwood for constantly encouraging me to take my talent to the next level. I had quite a few poems on this site but of course I had to take majority of them down. However, to wet your appetite you can still click on over to my poetry section for a few of them. Be sure to follow me on social media to be in the know. In 2017 I continued to be unapologetically me. I also learned to be a little more silly and I've become a bit friendlier with videos (just a little😑😒).

There's been an increase of positive messages from supporters who love the messages I'm sharing. Thank you for sharing how much I've influenced your lives. 2017 was a GREAT year and I'm just tingling with excitement for this year and things to share with you all. So much more has happened than what’s mentioned here but I really must go. I have chicken to season and cook. I have quite a few things coming down the pipeline such as:

  • If you check this website out, you will notice that I have a Share with Shy tab that I created towards the end of 2017. There is a powerful story there with a few pending. This is where souls share their own struggles and how they are working through it and or how they have conquered it. Check it out here. I have received your stories and I’m truly honored that you have entrusted me with it. I’ve edited some and still have a few to go through so there will be more added as 2018 progresses.

  • My YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe because I’m finally going to post all these vlogs that’s collecting dust on my computer as well as the video recordings from Season 2 of my podcast and sorta doing a podcast thingy with Rod. Not sure what to call that yet. I'll keep you posted. In the interim check out the various playlists that I created as well as a handful of personal videos.

  • I created a Rod and Shy social media platform. Nope, not to be obnoxious. Far from it. Black love is underrepresented. Yes, there are social media accounts sprouting up but most are just showing pictures with generic captions. What's keeping the smiles on those couples faces?... RIGHT! So I saw a gap and we decided to fill it. We're sharing what makes our relationship work, with the hopes that it inspires you. We won't only share just the lovey dovey things but also how we get through stormy weather. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Your girl is doing her thang with these massages. I haven’t updated my business website to include massages but I have a couple more services to add as 2018 progresses. Just in case you didn't know I had a business site you can check it out here.

  • Of course the publication of "Wild Thoughts." Oh and I mentioned I did a photoshoot for this right? *smirks* *devil/angel grin* Y'all are IN for a treat!

Okay so basically your best bet is to subscribe to this site, follow me on instagram and turn your post notifications on. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn that notification on as well.

Okay okay, I MUST go and season this chicken.

Wait, really quick. I have several personal goals but I'll share one with you: To continue being a positive influence in YOUR life. ❤ Stay Bless! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PS: Sharing is caring. Please feel to share this blog or any links that were listed here. And drop your girl a comment below!

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