• Shy Davis

My Husband Is A B!

I was lying in bed, on the phone with an airline company when I heard…a sound. My body went on full alert but my mind was so caught up on what was being said on the other end of the line that I didn’t immediately recognize the sound. Conversation continued but my body was still in fight or flight mode. I decided to tune less into what was being said to me and more on the sound to try and place it.

bzzzzzBZZZZZZZZZZ. What is that sound? It got louder.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh sh*t! It was a bee! I swallowed and tried not to panic. I couldn’t see it, so I listened closer to figure out where it was coming from. It sounded like it was right above my head and to the right. So the window? As I continued speaking to the airline rep and tried calming my heart rate, I said a quick prayer to my Guides and to the Faeries to keep the bee put and for some help. I tried listening more to the bee and it sounded…frustrated and…lost.

As soon as I was off the phone I flew off the bed and approached the window slowly. There it was, a HUGE bee buzzing and banging itself on the window.

I began speaking to it. “Hey fella, what’s wrong? Before we continue this conversation, let’s make a truce. You won’t try to sting me and I won’t kill you.” There was a brief silence and then “bzzz.” I took that as an agreement.

Me: So what’s wrong? How in the world did you even get in here?

I looked around but there was no hole in the protective screen or a crack in the window.

Buzz: Bzzzzbzzzz *bang bang against window*

Me: Let me guess you’re trying to get out? Well based on where you are, if I slide the window up, you’re going to die. So how about you fly away from the window a bit so that I may help?

Buzz: *stops banging against window for a quick second then continues*

Me: Fine, don’t believe me?

I began sliding the window up-


I slid the window back down.

Me: Told you. Look, I’m trying to help you. You have two options. Either you fly away from the window and I lead you out the house through the front door or you continue banging your head against the window and be stuck in here.

Just so we’re clear, the protective window screen cannot be lifted so there was no flying out the window, which is why I was perplexed as to how it even got in to begin with!

Buzz: *stops buzzing and begins flying away from window*

Me: Wonderful! Now let’s get you out of here.

I began walking towards the bedroom doorway and he followed. However, once I walked through the doorway, he stopped. I tried coaxing him but he just would not budge! Then suddenly he flew right back to the window and proceeded to bang his head against the window.

Me: Listen hun, I understand you want to get outside with your friends. It’s bright, it’s sunny, there’re trees. Look I get it. I’m trying to help, but banging yourself against the window isn’t going to help. You’re making this difficult. This isn’t the only way outside. I really don’t have all day for this!

Then an idea came! I quickly went into the kitchen, grabbed a cup and headed back to the bedroom.

Me: Okay so I have a plan! It may not be what you had in mind, but you’re not listening to me. Please don’t become frantic. Just trust me, okay?

Buzz: Bbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Me: I promise!

Buzz: Bzz!

I quickly covered the cup over him against the glass. Yes! I got him. But then it dawned on me. Once I slid the cup off the glass window, I wouldn’t have a cover and I certainly wasn’t going to use my palm. I know nothing about bees and had no idea how long he would last trapped. I quickly looked around the bed and saw extra bounty paper (ahh…don’t ask. Lol) and snatched it up and quickly covered the cup and ran to the front door and opened it. I then lifted the bounty paper off and he flew right out of the cup.

Me: You’re free!

Buzz flew away. I smiled to myself watching him fly away. I quickly remembered that there are a lot of lizards around and turned to close the door. As I did I heard the buzzing coming nearer. He came very close to me and said:

Buzz: Bzzzzzzzzz

I smiled.

Me: You’re welcome.

Then closed the door.

Trust me, there’s a point to this story.

It was later that night, while in bed, when Rod asked about my day. I began telling him the good news from the airline company and then I remembered the bee. I told him all about it, just as described above. He was silent but then his vibe shifted. I pretty much figured he was thinking something along the lines of: ‘first she speaks with angels and archangels. Then she see things I don’t see and now she speaks to animals??? Get me outta here! LOL

Me: You okay Babe?

Rod: Yes My Sweet. Love?

Me: Yes?

Rod: I’m the bee.

Not how I was expecting the conversation to go…

Me: Come again?

Rod: I’m the bee! How many times I do exactly what the bee did?

Me: Huh?

Rod: Sweet. Think about it. How many times have you tried showing me a different perspective on things but I’m so stuck in my own thought process that I refuse to see another way? What’s worse is the other point of view you’re showing me is more enlightening or a much better way!

Me: Veryyyyyy trueeeeeee.

Rod: So you see? I’m the bee!

Me: Awwwww hunny! My husband is a bee! Although you can act like a


Rod: Hey!

Me: *cackles*

See I told you there was a point to this whole story.

So how many times have you been this bee? How many times have your friends tried counseling you and you just refuse to even take into consideration what they’re saying? No, I’m not saying to blindly follow your friends. No! What I am saying, is to take a deep breath and really listen to what they’re saying. Does it make sense? Besides the resistance to being stuck in your own way, does it feel like there’s some truth or sense to what they’re saying? Take a moment to pause. Step away from the conversation. Sleep on it, if there’s time then really explore what was said to you. Why choose a path most traveled? Try a different path. A different approach. Your life is not meant to be hard. You are not supposed to wear your physical body or mind to the ground to achieve your desires.

Stop being a b/ee!

Love ya!


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