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I'm A Trump Supporter

I am a Trump supporter.

You read right.

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I. AM. A. TRUMP. SUPPORTER! I boldly make this proclamation.

Will you see me wearing a MAGA hat? Well, I tried borrowing Kanye’s cap but he wouldn’t return any of my calls. I doubt his would fit me anyway, with all this hair.

Will you see me at a Trump rally? No. Will I vote for him in November? Absolutely not. But I support him and I thank God for him.

Shy, what the hell are you talking about?


I think it started last year while watching Wanda Sykes Not Normal comedy special on Netflix. She stated:

“But you know what? I believe that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Because of Trump being president… we sent more women to Congress than ever before. That’s because of Trump. Thank you, Trump. All kinds of women. African-American, Native American, Asian-American, Muslims.”

Congress Women All In White Pc: Alex Brandon

Congress Women All In White Pc: Alex Brandon

She’s right. Rod and I watched Netflix’s Knocked Down the House and I saw how fired up some of the women who ran were. They were sick and tired of what they were seeing and demanded change. Who do we have to thank for that? Trump.

I began changing my view of the man. I do have my Enemy of the State, Brill moments of Trump where I think, he’s “either very smart or incredibly stupid.” Either way they all end with me being thankful and I hope you will consider being thankful for him as well.

We’ve known for a very long time that the system doesn’t work but most of us have been blindly trudging along and leaving everything up to others (including most recently, myself).

When I was a child my mother encouraged me to watch the news. I couldn’t. It was too emotional for me. I wasn’t familiar with the word “empath” until somewhere between 2013 and 2015 and then it all made sense why I couldn’t stomach the news. Even in my adulthood, I avoided it like a plague. I had no idea what was going on in the world and because I trusted her political views, I would ask her every four years who I should vote for and that would be the end of it.

That all changed once I started my podcast in 2016. We never went into deep discussions about politics or the news but I would find myself shocked and clueless about the things that would come up with my guests and or co-hosts. I didn’t like that feeling of not knowing. I am very aware that I will never know all of which that’s happening around me, but for Pete’s sake, I should know more about what the week’s weather forecast should be.

The more I pondered it, the more obvious it became that I should know more. I know public speaking, at some point, will dominate my future. I have to some extent done this several times already, excluding my podcast. I know there will be more to come and while I don’t need to get into deep political or news-related conversations all the time, I for sure need to know some of what’s going on. Into my journal the request to learn more went.

From God's ears to my life, walks in my husband. I wasn’t having much success in disciplining myself in watching the news or understanding what was going on. When I learned that he's a news buff and very much involved in politics, I smiled at God’s handiwork. There was no escaping talking about the news. While he respected whenever I couldn’t take anymore, there would be some mention of it at some point. He also created a safe space for me to ask questions that I honestly left, right in my Government classroom in High School. I had to relearn a lot of things. I gave myself assignments, and I would watch or read a news article and then discuss it with him. I would ask questions and in so doing my knowledge increased.

And so did my anger.

I completely missed Obama's presidency. I knew he was GREAT and I was happy about the things I heard he was doing. When Trump became president, I vowed to not venture out until he was out of office. HA!

Because of President Donald J. Trump, I know who my local and national lawmakers are. Because of Trump, I have successfully contacted four and communicated with two directly and spoken to two aides. I was SHOCKED but it was exciting. They're they to help. This is their duty.

I've even gone toe to toe with some of the talking point rhetoric they spew and it has been quite satisfying to not see them further engage after I respond with facts and or logic. And I have Trump to thank for that.

What I want is for them to simply do the right thing. State all the facts. Be truthful. Be transparent but apparently that would be too much like right for some. There will always be criticism, nor can you please everyone, but isn't sleeping with a clean heart a better option?

If it wasn’t for Trump, I wouldn’t have been able to see a tweet that read: “The Republican Party freed slaves” and know it was, in part, false. Thanks to the many lessons from Rod, I know that what we know today as the Republican party was once the Democratic Party. The affiliation and associations switched.

I also wouldn’t be able to see through a lot of political talking points. Shoot, I wouldn’t have known which lawmakers to contact. Worse yet, I didn’t know we could contact them. I always thought them unapproachable and unavailable. WRONG! We voted their arses in and it is their job to serve US, the constituents. We must begin to become more vocal on REMINDING them of this. Some of us (including myself) have been quiet for far too long.

I was talking to a friend and he said that he believes that Trump is indeed draining the swamps, but not in the manner we originally thought he meant it.


Let’s look at just three things Trump has shined big stadium lights on: Division, Congress, and Unemployment.

Pc: Google

Division. Specifically, racism. We knew it never left. We knew of the possibility of us working with, or having a neighbor as a White Supremacist was quite possible. But they hid their ‘nasty dutty ways’ as my mother would say, very well over the years. It has boldly resurfaced as Donny made his descent down those escalator stairs in 2016, right up to May 12th’s “Ask China” response to CBS’ Weija Jiang very relevant question.

His tone, his enunciation of ‘China,’ his disparaging attitude and brazen contempt for minorities is flaunted audaciously. This sparked lots of round-table conversations. Think back pre-pandemic. There were a lot of round table slavery conversations on various news networks. This was a conversation, many people, especially Whites, shied away from, but it was finally out in the public and being talked about more frequently. Who do we have to thank? Trump.

Congress. Ah yes, good ole Congress. Congress shares power with the executive and judicial branches. Some of their powers include but are not limited to: Making laws, declaring war, impeachment, trying federal officers, approving presidential appointments, oversight and investigations to name a few. You may read that list and think no WAY! And I wouldn’t wrong you because they have been rather spineless to say the least. And I’m not only referring to the Senate. The House, too have dropped the ball. For example, we are now up to three Inspector Generals being fired during the Trump Administration.

Shy, again, what are you talking about and so what?

The role of a federal inspector general (IG) is to audit, investigate misconduct, fraud, or any type of abuse of government procedures. They are an independent, non-partisan organization. So basically they are non-bias watchdogs. The perfect people… for Trump to fire!

Pc: The Knight News

Why in the world would Trump want an oversight committee over his shoulders to investigate his laundry list of corruption? Does that sound right to you? Of course not. Trump has successfully placed people who are loyal to him and not to the law in very high places to protect him. Smart. Very smart...And Congress has let him.

Now in 2008 Congress passed a law requiring 30-day advance notice so it could stop retaliatory firings. Trump has hopped skipped and shitted all over this.

This time, however, he rightfully sent a letter to Congress, stating that “…it is vital, that [he] have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as Inspector General. That is no longer the case with regard to this Inspector General.” That’s it. That’s all the reason he gave to his intent to fire the current Inspector General. Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded back stating that he needs to provide more reasons than that.

Not only did Congress mess up before but so did the media. The media has repeatedly and still is reporting that all the Inspector Generals were fired when in fact they are not officially fired until after the 30 days have passed. Check out Walter Shaub, former Director of the US office of Government Ethics explains the situation well here.

I believe this was covered very little in the news cycle because of our immunity to Trump's disregard for the law and each day we can count on a new distraction. Now, however, thankfully, there is an uproar on Twitter by folks reminding Congress of their law and of what they should be doing.

Besides the Senate rolling out the red carpet for Trumps’ corruption, the House too needs to schedule a spinal surgery, and ASAP. Kudos to them though for the Impeachment. It also did my heart a lot of good when in an interview Chairman Of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff stated that this is teaching them that they have to patch up all the holes in their laws that Donny hops over while laughing. And who do we have to thank for this notion we knew all along? Yep, our good pal Donald Trump.

So Twitter is reminding Congress of how to rule. Crazy right? Not so much. There's more crazy to be had. On Monday May 18th, my state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, lost his cool and angrily asked a reporter if he, the reporter, vetted the at least 5000 March unpaid and still waiting unemployed claimants, that he, the reporter, sent to DeSantis over the weekend.

DeSantis was implying that the reporter should verify and vet claimants.

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Which brings me to my final topic: unemployment.

March 27th, made it the second time, thus far in my life, that I had to apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI). If it’s God’s will, I pray for it to be the last. I began my research on Florida’s UI in late February when it became apparent to Rod and I that I may have to stop working.

I did not know that the self-employed did not qualify for State UI. I knew that the employee and employer pay into the UI pot. However, I thought since I still have to pay taxes on my business, I was entitled to something. Yeah no! At least not pre- the CARES Act. Besides that revelation, I was further shocked to learn that Florida’s unemployment system, created by former Governor Rick Scott in 2011 was made to fail.

Fail for the applicant but a huge win for the state. What do I mean? They created an antiquated system (keep in mind 2011 is not that long ago, so NO reason for an old system) with several purposeful glitches and errors. And if that wasn’t enough, they created a godawful interface, confusing questions, and several hoops to jump through to get a whooping max amount of $275 for only a max amount of 12 weeks.

This means that an applicant will either get frustrated and not apply, or they will apply and chances are extremely high that they will get denied. This is a big win for the state because it then means that the state’s UI's percentage will be extremely low and there will be no reason to raise the max payout amount (both are connected). Low UI numbers is something to boast about as a Politician.

The website was audited several times over the years, with the latest audit in 2019 finding 600 glitches. All audits were, as Senate Leader Mitch McConnell stated about the $3 trillion House Coronavirus bill, “dead on arrival” once it reached DeSantis' desk.

Well this Pandemic has shed a huge spotlight on a system that couldn’t even process 25 claims if its server depended on it much less the 1.5 plus million filers that have applied including myself. I didn’t realize how traumatic this experience has been for me until speaking to an old friend from Buffalo. My heart ache for the millions who suffered but I didn’t consider or even acknowledged my own sufferings.

Two months in and several hundred thousands of us are still suffering. Besides the system being faulty, Florida also does not want to pay up. Oh, wait, did I mention the website cost $77.9 million?????

This is why financial literacy is important to get you as far as possible through challenging financial times.

I digress…

Almost every single thing, honestly, if not all the things that come out of my mouth during our #RodandShyTableTalks come to fruition. I told Rod that something more sinister is amiss about why Florida won’t pay up.

I began wondering if they could keep the money that the Federal government dished out in the Cares Act. An Orlando Representative told me no and that they will have to distribute the money. Her words gave me no comfort. Then The Root, wrote an article that stated that there’s a loophole in the Cares Act that the federal funds can be redistributed to the State. AHA!

Just like there's a loophole in the CARES Act that allowed large corporations to get their large greedy stubby fingers on money that was meant for small businesses such as myself (I applied for the grant but still NADA). The CARES Act, expanded the definition of a small business to define it as any company employing 500 people or less. Many thanks to those large corporations that gave some or all the money-back such as the LA Lakers, Potbelly, Autonation, and many others.

Oh by the way they only began giving the money back after a HUGE backlash. A report was published of the companies who were receiving the loan and they started feeling the heat.

Back to my dear Governor. You see the governor is sick and tired of the rightful coverage he has been receiving about his lies and failures of the Unemployment system, that he inherited and did nothing to fix. As the days tick by, he has become more and more unwilling to discuss it, and then he started behaving very much like his mentor Donald Trump, and began his gaslighting to Floridians.

He made the bold statement that 9/10 Floridians who applied for Unemployment in March are now paid. FALSE! When challenged he said he wanted the names of the Floridians still waiting. Ooooooo child!

Reporter Greg Angel, alongside, Representative Anna Eskamani and Representative Carlos Smith and a few others have been very vocal and bold about serving constituents (even ones not in their district). You know, rightfully doing their jobs.

Well, Greg Angel compiled a doc of applicants who have not been paid (I happily added my name to the list) and sent it over to DeSantis. That list constituted five thousand names. That of course did not include those who had no idea that this was being created. When asked about it, DeSantis lost his shit. Check it out here.

How is any of this good?

Well, I have the sad pleasure of reading and watching videos of people who stated they voted for Ron DeSantis and who are looking forward to voting him out.

This doesn’t only apply to Ron. I’m seeing it all over social media where Republicans stating because of how this pandemic is being handled that they will not be voting for thier party in 2020. And for that my friend, we can thank President Donald J. Trump for.

Trump has been opening our eyes, rather widely, and forcing us to face the fact that there are my systems and leaders in very high positions, including his own, who do not have our best interest at heart, and that we must act. We have a say in all of this. Not just during the general election but the midterms of our senators and congressmen and women as well. Every time you do not vote, it's a huge win for them.

So do you see? I support Trump and all his buffoonery.

Let’s make America Great Again. #VoteTrumpOut #Vote2020 and #Vote2022

Rod and I lost a very dear, close, family member on Monday to this virus.

We are now one of the statistics. We are now one of the 100,000 family members who are grieving the death of their love one.

This is not like the flu. The flu killed approximately 61,000 people last year (2019). COVID-19 has killed 100,000 people in 3 months. I repeat, this is not the flu. This is not a hoax. Don't overwhelm yourself but get informed. WAKE UP!

Pc: Former Republican Strategist Rick Wilson's Twitter

This Pandemic has given me, even more, to be thankful for. Most of all, I’m thankful for a grace-filled Heavenly Father getting us through, all of you, and for my Superman.

Pc: Shy Davis #IPermanentlyTookHisSweater

Remain Safe and Blessed


~ Shy

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